About Us.

Afrobeat Cloud has a long history of music genres from different artist across the world. When you are in need of a free mp3-sharing network; afrobeatcloud comes to play before you have your free music download from our database click on the play icon for few seconds depending on your network service provider the download button appears then you may download your favorite music to your devices with no stress at your convenience.

We are not at the top yet but I assure you we will get there someday with your support when you constantly visit our website for free mp3 download, we are always at your service.

We have different genres that have been classified under the indigenous categories e.g. Apala, Highlife, Juju, Awurebe, Bolojo, Waka and few Yoruba Oldies. All genres from Africa is categorized under Afrobeat e.g Afropop, Bongo-Flava, Assiko, Bikutsi, Fuji, Funana, Gbema, Highlife, Hipco, Hiplife, Isicathamiya, Kizomba, Kwaito, Kwassa Kwassa, Makossa, Maringa, Mapouka, Mbalax, Morna, Ndombolo, Palm-Wine Music, Semba, Soukous, Taarab, Tcha tcho, TrapCo, Benga music, Bongo Flava, Cabo-Love, Chimurenga music, Coladeira